Surge Newsletter - Volume 3

Surge Hits 600 Members

Thanks everyone for your support during our closed beta!

Virtual Desktops are almost here!

Keep your eyes peeled for the release of the anticipated virtual desktops!

Surge Friends gets an Upgrade

Now you can do more with your friends, join rooms, share messages, and more. With the addition of Mini Profiles, you can now view Surge Profiles easier than ever before and connect with your friends.

YouTube Room Stability

We worked hard to make the YouTube room experience great, with propreitary technology that allows you and your friends to watch YouTube together in up to 4K quality. YouTube rooms have gotten a much needed improvement of stability, syncing, and searching.

Buy Surge Pro Today!

You can now buy Surge Pro for wonderful perks like 1080p streaming for virtual browsers and an exclusive badge for your name! Not to mention, nyan cat mode.

Join The Closed Beta

We've gotten hundreds of applications, but we still want more! Come join us!


Come Join Us on Discord!

Like hearing about Surge? Want to meet new people? Join the Surge Discord today! We host movie events, give away free stuff, and much more!

Donate — Help us build a better product

We operate on our own money, and donations help us more than you would know, if you would like to donate, please click here

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