Surge Newsletter - Volume 2

The Place to Hang with Friends

The Surge Newsletter | Volume 2

Watch in 4K With Friends

Watch YouTube Videos, Movies, or TV, with unlimited friends on Surge Live

The Place to Hang with Friends

Like hanging out with your Friends? Like watching Movies or YouTube? Introducing: Surge Friends! View when your friends are watching movies and join them with ease! Meet new friends and more!

Explore Public Rooms

None of your friends are online but you still wanna watch a Movie? Want to meet new people? You can now explore public rooms and meet new friends!

We take privacy seriously

Here at Surge we understand the importance of Privacy, that's why we encrypt all sensitive information including Passwords and more. We are also transparent about what data we collect from all of our users.

Haven't applied yet?

Come join the beta tester team! We have recently been accepting a lot more individuals to come join us!


Come Join Us on Discord!

Like hearing about Surge? Want to meet new people? Join the Surge Discord today! We host movie events, give away free stuff, and much more!

Donate — Help us build a better product

We operate on our own money, and donations help us more than you would know, if you would like to donate, please click here

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